Anonymous asks: If it's convenient, could you draw a deer-taur boy? Kind of with a punk look to him. Thanks <3

Oh Heckie yeah I will
That sounds fun to draw

1 day ago

eyyy finally some Team Lads! 

Haven’t drawn these dorks in forever 

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I don&#8217;t ever draw his twin

I don’t ever draw his twin

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so i actually don’t care if my oc’s get love or not, cause like. 5 people like em. so eyyy. Its 3 in the morning so eh

but yknow when you see like artists who just draw wtv and then they get a 500+ notes for their own ocs is crazy. like goddamn. its just so weird to think about. 

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Anonymous asks: Draw more Dave

u piece of shit 

(((my friend wrote this. if it was anyone else i would actually be nice >.> <.<)

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>.> <.< i wouldnt post this but i wanted to state/// i am not dead////

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Anonymous asks: You're completely adorable and you have totally lovely art :) you constantly surprise me every time I see something you post here because it looks so wonderful every time. <3

Oh gosh! I’m not adorable :oo but thank you so much! <3 that means a lot to hear that! uwu thank you friendly anon.

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pt 1 of sleepy boys

pt 1 of sleepy boys

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theawesomeadventurer said:

Actually 32 on the second chart sounds better! (lsp)
Actually 32 on the second chart sounds better! (lsp)
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theawesomeadventurer asks: I LOVE YOUR ART

:o oh wow, thank you :)

2 weeks ago
why not have a rockin&#8217; princess

why not have a rockin’ princess

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random sketches. (Can I blame my friend for these drawings?? >.> <.<)

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Random sketch dump of drawings in my sketchbook cause why not C:

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crappy comic for my dumb friend

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Before and Afterrrr, my friend drew it and I asked to color it. C:

collabs are fun

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